Monday, March 26, 2007

Take that

The South African Protea reject, Kevin Pietersen, just made it to the top of the world rankings. Hurray for affiramtive action, is all i'll say!

200 years Post End od Slave Trade in the BE

Last week Britain celebrated 200 years since its parliament declared an end Slave Trade within the British Empire. Some have taken offence at the way Britain has claimed the declaration as an achievement on it's part. Apparently the Brits should shut up and let the victims of the trade speak. While that might be a good idea, i can't help but wonder about what they'll say - something along the lines of "we were in chains but now are free would be appropriate" but we can't in truth say it. We were in chains but are we free? I think not. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery" sounds good coming from Bob, but it's just a line in a song, nothing more. In the meantime we have unbelievable numbers suffering from hunger, disease, war and so on. But 100 Africans dead barely registers on any radar, not even our own. Our "oppressors" must be shocked, and shamed into saving African lives. The adverts on CNN with their "How dare you enjoy yourself while Africans are starving?" message, the concerts in aid of African Charities, the demonstrations on behalf of poor thrid world countries, the majority of them black, the G8 resolutions on helping poor, poor Africans - none of that shocks us, in fact only rarely is it that the average African is aware of all these goings on on his behalf.
Shame is not a word we know of. Not with many of us flocking to sweep the streets and clean the washrooms of Europe - the new African dream, was there ever an old one. But let others be quiet so that we can celebrate our achievement - the end of the slave trade, of indignity. The irony!!!

Ps: A bit nebulous, this post - but the first in months so don't say a word, just be grateful(ubiquitous word in African Vocabulary.)