Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"We are all in the same family"

We are family, really we are. We are the same. Quit saying i am different, no i am the same as you. We grow from the same stem. Don't we? Yes we do.....

No, that's not the kind of conversation i've had with my sisters, not even in a parallel universe. What it is, is something bigger: the new foreign policy mantra. "(insert country of choice-turkey, Israel, Russia, Libya....-take your pick) is a democratic country that shares common world and common European values."

Why entire states allow themselves to be maniulated into europeanising themselves is quite beyond me. Why not try the Donald approach, "You're the old world, and we are the new. Now go fuck yourselves!" And if that doesn't work they could always try the chinese india route-reproduce until you have a sixth of the world's population, then flex some muscle - "We're Indians, you can't snub us, who will manage your call centres if you do", "We're china, snub us and you'll be no diffeent from the primitive Africans who have no clothes to wear." Uganda for one is trying that approach, its population is expected to double in the next 20 years. Take that bitches! Excuse me while i go do something for my country-reproduce!


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