Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Fray

If you're thinking of anything other than the band, then even i can't help you. Anyway, i recently read a review of The Fray that described the band as coldplay lite. An interesting comparison because Coldplay's been described as Radiohead light, which would make The Fray RH lite lite.

That aside, i don't think comparisons with Coldplay are justified, the Fray is more like Snow - open your eyes,close your eyes, can't make my mind up- Patrol, a bad version at that. That said, "How to save a life" is a decent song. And there are a feeeeeww more onthe album but for the most part the sound is monotonous almost to the point of being irritating.(Sorry guys, i couldn't do better than you but surely you can do better than that album.)

The same can't be said of Maroon 5's "It won't be soon before long". The new album is if nothing else an evolution. 'Makes me wonder' is wonderfully catchy, i doubt if anyone else could have so delighfully mixed soul and pop/rock. Even my niece can't stop with the 'amymore amymore...'

Robin Thicke's 'Evoltion of Robin Thicke' is a refreshing R&B album, almost an oxymoron. Enuff said!


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