Thursday, June 28, 2007

What i really wanted

How to start this almost defeats me. I could go the cheesy zig-zagah-zig route, but some sky news already has that covered. I've thought of trying the spice mama route but i may as well point out that the sky is blue while i'm at it. So i'm going to do it my way - how original!
My one and very desperate wish for 1999 has finally come true: The Spice girls are reuniting! Thsi would have meant the world to me back then, but now, after i'm past starving myself to achieve that posh look, it's nothing more than what posh said it is: a celebration of the past. I think it's redundant to celebrate the past, isn't being here enough tribute!! How about taking on the here and now. Cant handle it can you spice girls. Shit, am i pissed?


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