Thursday, March 02, 2006

Goodbye to our beloved leader!

In the most dramatic move of his career as Real Madrid Presidente, one that eclipsed the acquisition of Figo from Barca, and Beckhams transfer from Man Utd, Florentino Pérez, on Tuesday quit his position at the helm. Citing the failure of his beloved galacticos to win a single trophy in three years (and their consistently dismal performances), as grounds for the move, Mr. Perez said, “I don’t regret bringing the best best players in the world to this club, but perhaps I wasn’t able to make them understand the importance of their responsibilities, maybe I’ve educated them badly.”
Apparently substituting an under-performing player, keeping him on the bench if he make a habit of it, and selling off such a player if he fails to recover his form, are not part of Mr. Perez’s teaching method. But selling off an effective player (hello Owen) to placate underachieving star names is.
As a fan of the Meringues, am truly sorry to see him go. Sure the team has been unconvincing for a long while but with him at the helm it was sure that a turn around was just around the corner. I have it on good authority that he had, in the works, just the tonic the team needed to recover. He was in negotiations with the representatives of Maradona and Pele, to bring the two greats to Madrid. Maradona and Pele were to support Zidane and Ronaldo respectively, and make Real’s attack the most lethal in Europe.
And to strengthen Real’s position atop the list of the world’s richest clubs, he intended on signing a sponsorship deal with Macdonald’s, which would see the Fast food company not only pay millions to the club but also supply all the players’ food.

But alas, none of those plans materialized in his time. Neither did the coupe of announcing the signing of Barcelona’s Frank Rijkaard and Juan laporte as the new Real Coach and President respectively while declaring his resignation. He however still hopes to use his influence to bring those two to Madrid. Laporte ought to be easy to convince; he did after all want to sign Beckham for Barca, now he doesn’t have to, he can just come over to Madrid and Voila, he can work with the world’s most lucrative footballer.
Don't cry for Perez Meringues, the truth is he'll never leave!


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