Wednesday, December 07, 2005

From Uganda with love

My 17 year old half sister, Sandra, has the same taste in men as I do: she’s hopelessly infatuated with Sean Paul, Kanye West, and Adam Levine, John Legend; which is kind of a problem because the afore mentioned gentlemen are at the top of my list of potential baby daddies. Now my sister a pretty young thing and am, eh, not so young; which raises the question of how to gain the ascendancy. You’re probably thinking that am getting ahead of myself, my sister is probably the least of obstacles in my quest to have children with the objects of my infatuation. But I’ve given much thought to my goal and all possible impediments to achieving it. And following months of agony at the improbability of my ambition, I had encouragement from a most an unexpected quarter: I read an advertisement in a paper that brought to my attention a “doctor” who just might be the answer to my problems. I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing here, vertibam, the beneficent advert; caring is sharing, aint it? So the ad doesn’t say anything about the doctor’s ability to bring illusions to life but anybody of his ability can surely solve my problems, or yours for that matter. The number is authentic so go ahead and knock yourself out.

Doctor M.T Rafiki
Expert in all types of herbs challenging to defeat all mankind problems where other herbalists have failed.
Specialising mainly in:
1. Lost Lovers coming back
2. Un trusted lovers become trusted
3. Longlasting strong erection
4. Premature ejaculation and even enjoy more than one round
5. Making men’s penises big and strong (Max 3 inch)
6. Women’s wide vaginas become tight
7. Dry women get much fluid
8. Jobs and customer attraction
9. Combating evil spirits
10. Lucky charms In form of ointments
Consultation Fee 5,000 shs only or $3
Call 25678949112
I have struck Adam Levine off the list of potential baby daddies: I played Kanye West’s Heard em say, which features Adam, for my sisters and without fore knowledge, or hesitation she deduced who the featured vocalist was. Such recognition bespeaks true devotion at the sign of which am willing to bow out. I too would have guessed right, of course, but that is neither here nor there, seeing as am obsessed and all.


At December 08, 2005 9:00 AM , Anonymous okg said...

...they do say great minds think alike.

At December 09, 2005 8:23 AM , Blogger jinan said...

You're not saying what i think you're saying, are you? Bcoz that's unthinkable. If you are, take it back!


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