Monday, January 02, 2006

Hapi nu yeah

At the stroke of midnight, yesterday, revellers the earth over waved good bye to the old and ushered in the new year; with characteristic fanfare: fireworks, tickertape parades, the works. Such extraordinary efforts, to the extent that cities vie with each other to be more exuberant, makes one wonder; is the revelling borne of expectation or is it the other way around? Is the promise of the New Year so dubious that it must be backed up by ostentatious displays? Isn’t self-deception the purpose of all the fantastic industry? Okay, okay, self-deception’s rather harsh; escapism’s a more suitable word. But it’s a thin line between seeking relief and going off at a tangent. The gulf between the need for respite, and wanton revelling is rather difficult to bridge. The desire to escape is only natural; life sucks! But it’s remarkable that people can mark the end of a year without the urge to weep inconsolably; for faith lost, for struggles well fought and miserably lost….; That a New Year can be celebrated not with lethargy but with great enthusiasm, self-inflicted if you ask me. Ah, but perhaps, it’s genuine; who knows!
Since, cities went to so much trouble to outdo each other, it’s only right that I should do them the honour of choosing which was most outstanding. (Drum roll) The winner by reason of absurdity is Sydney. With the eloquence of fireworks the people of Sydney expressed the hope that love and brotherhood will prevail amongst all peoples throughout the New Year: the fireworks formed fantastic heart shapes in the sky. I wonder whether that means that the Australian government will treat refugees and Asylum seekers better!
And now for a sensible celebratory gesture: prisoners in Kenya forewent their meals in order that they may go famine-afflicted people in the north east of the country. While the gesture is laudable the necessity of it is lamentable. The regularity of famine in Africa is reproachable; people have grown orchards in deserts, and they’ll soon make them bloom on mars while we’re still trying to figure out how to ensure food security in our fertile climatically favourable lands.
Finally, the story of New Year’s Day; the termination of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, which has the Ukrainians crying foul, and gas guzzling Europeans scared. The Ukrainians claim it’s blackmail; punishment for their having embraced democracy. A four hundred percent increase in prices sounds a bit much but it’s only up to the market price, no more. The Americans claim that the Russians are distabilising the region by increasing prices by so much and so abruptly. There's still no word on what they make of similar moves by their peeps in Iraq. At any rate, Ukraine was trying to straddle the fence between old and new friends; they failed miserably for it was apparent that they’d spurned their old comrades. And even if they’d succeed in straddling; they’d have lost Russia’s Patronage because, it seems to me, that Russia accepts no half measures. On the bright side, Ukraine’s progress in all things western continues, only this time the experience is of the bitter hemlock, genetically modified to remove it's fatal element, that is market prices. Welcome to the New Year, Ukraine; so unlike the old.
Y'all are probably wondering what i did on new year's day; damn it you are! So i'll tell. I spent the night and day with my niece, Ngabire Oweimana Sonia Rain ... We had a great time, rather she did: she peed on me, then laughed at me; wailed for me to sing and dance for her. The new year altogether started with me jumping through hoops to please, only to an appreciative audience this time around - bodes well for the rest of it. Happy new yeah!


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