Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Worthless Silverware

“They are both Arabs, I can’t cheer on either!” Miss Mukadisi AKA my mum on her criteria for support.
Arab hommies, take not offence; it’s nothing personal, my mother dislikes all non-black people.

Ladies and Gents it’s that time again when middling African teams that pass off as national teams do take part in the rat race for the inconsequential silverware that is the African Nations Cup. Three days after the African nations cup tournament, which I had anxiously looked forward to for months, the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation finally got around to airing the games. The company had not, until last Sunday, gotten sponsors for the live broadcasts. Considering that the majority of Ugandans are avid funs of football -or soccer as the Americans like to call it - even of lame African football, it follows that advertisers would be keen to sponsor such an event. And that all a broadcaster would have to do is plan for and make sponsorship arrangements well in advance. Wrong! That would be reasonable according to Western standards but not in relation to African standards. Yeah, our standards, what are they again?
Am in no mood for apologist excuses, I did not get to watch the opening ceremony of the event and that’s all there’s to it! A vibrant culture, strong morals and a strong sense of community are no recompense.
But no amount of railing will change a thing so moving along to actual, as opposed to self created, difficulties. Foremost is the question of who's a African? Many black African do not support the Arab Africans because they fall short of their standards for Africanness. The reasons for this short fall are nebulous and varied but they largely center around the Arabs', supposed supercilousness, their real or imagined, desire to be a part of the European Union, their identify with their Arab league hommies. I've had little contact with Arab Africans, save for that with my childhood friend Uda, so i cannot speak with any authority on their supposed superciousness but i know for sure that one of the North African countries, Morocco i think it was, applied for membership of the European union. But i can't indict the Moroccans for being pragmatic. As for their moderate levels of melanin, there's little that can be done about it; and no one's perfect! No doubt then as to my feeling on the matter - I truly am a discredit to my parents!


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