Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Friend Indeed

As the year progresses, as President Bush continues to have unexpected(well crafted) moments of lucidity(Public relations successes), as Paris Hilton gets engaged then unengaged, one thing remains constant: My bemusement at life. Not content with pulling the rag from under me, the universe seems to be conspiring to wreck something far more sinister. Paulo Coelho writes of a principle of favorability but i sense that the time for it may have passed; perhaps now is the time for the principle of unfavorability. How else can i explain life. I could carry on but i don't suppose y'all have a whole day! At any rate, i suppose you're breathless with anticipation to hear what i've been upto over the past week. And while am certain that nothing less than a minute a minute account will do; am afraid you'll have to be content with a recap.

Last wednesday, while in the throes of an emotional breakdown, i sought comfort in a friend; in the words of a friend to be exact. My dear friend, in comforting me, said "You're human like the rest of us". Aside from the fact that i've been saying the same thing all along, it pretty self evident that am human. I am, am i not? Maybe i've been missing something. Where the hell are my so called friends, how could you not tell me that i look it ET, oh boy this is really not a good time to find this out. Excuse me while i weep myself to extinction. That's a bit fatalistic! Okay, i'll take a weeping break, catch y'all later.


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