Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Musical cue: Stevie wonder's Superstition

Happy defy superstition day to y'all. Yes indeed, there's such a thing! I suppose the premise for it is the idea that superstition is nonsensical and can therefore be discounted. But what if it's not? Nonsensical, that is. There are a lot of things that have no rational explanation but which fit quite well into superstitious construction. The Kamba(Kenyan tribe), for instance, believe that if one's path is crossed by a squirrel, he or she will forget where he or she's headed but will keep on moving anyway. That belief just might be the explanation for the sorry state of the African continent. Then again it just might be that the diabolical colonialists made off with our brains at independence.
cue music: Ricky martin's Living lavida loca(She's into Superstition...)


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