Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I realise that some of you do not, eh, fancy cricket, so this is the last am going to post about England's ashes victory, promise. English delight at the win has been so exuberant that I feel it's necessary to put it in perspective. Below is a picture of the victory party at Trafalgar square. More photos of the parade and party, are available here.

But what was won exactly you may be wondering. Why, this magnificent Trophy ofcourse. Here it is in all its splendour.

No, there's nothing wrong with your eyesight, here it is in context.

Thankfully size isn't everything, - if i say that enough, i just might begin to believe it :-) - Pride is. The Ashes started when Australia beat England, its former ruler, in a match at The Oval in 1882. To symbolize the ``death'' of English cricket, the Sporting Times printed a mock obituary. The wooden bail from the match stumps was burnt and its ashes were taken to Australia. The original urn is permanently housed at Lord's in London. Is all the jubilation begining to make sense? No? Ah, well, your incorrigible!


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