Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back off Toni Blair, you 2 Chris Martin!

A wise person, i think it was Pablo Picasso, said that inspiration exists but it has to find you working. I haven't posted in a while (evidently), and it's been an uphill stuggle to start again. I came up against a dangerous combination of disillusionment, frustration, and despair. And needless to say, i didn't stand a chance. So how did i get up, you ask. Well, it's thanx to Lord Acton whose words - Learn as much by writing as by reading - continually weigh on my mind. But most of all it's due to guilt, yeah! I thought about what Geoge Elliot would think of the spurning of an opportunity for expression and was certain that she'd be none too impressed. So, no high ideals here, but they'll find me slogging along.
What, you may be wondering, is the cataclysm that wrought despair. You're not?! Ofcourse you're, and if you're not, i'll tell you about it anyway!
In the aftermath of Live 8, i ventured to determine the general opinion with respect to the concerts. Venture is the wrong word to use; it connotes an uncertain outcome, and, if nothing else, i was sure - misguidedly so, but sure nonetheless - of what the consensus would be. If any adjective could sum up my attitude towards the live 8 campaign, it'd be: indignation. Indignation, not at the effort itself but at the necessity of it. Necessity born of famine, disease, and all manner of destitution. Am trying real hard not to start a diatribe about how the responsibility of all these ills lies squarely at African feet. But i digress. So when i sought opinions on the subject of Live8, i was almost certain of unanimous indignation. So i was taken aback to find that a significant number of people - people whom i respect - felt that the campaign was simply another self-serving ploy by the white man. Campaigning against Poverty in Africa the ostensible reason for the concerts, the real reason, wait for it, was free advertising.
Yeah, there are people who'd have us believe that band Coldplay, whose members donate 10% of their earning to charity, and whose album X&Y was number 1 in over 20 countries at the time,were motivately purely by self promotion. To what end, i wonder! So that their album would rocket up to number 0? These horrible white people, always out to make a quick buck at our expense. Back off Chris Martin, African destitution is a unique product, we'll not allow you to exploit it. Don't y'all have enough: technological advances, clean streets, good housing, social services... I could go on, but that would be rubbing salt into an already sore wound. Are those things so inadequate that you want in on the one thing we've got.
While on the subject of white people who profit from our miseries, it's be a shame to leave out Toni Blair. Yes you Mr Blair, look at me while i talk to you! This will hurt, but it's for your own good: We don't want your help. Tell your Ambassadors to back off: Edward Clay, am referring to you and the likes of you. If our "leaders" get rich at our expense, its no concern of yours. You criticize them only because you begrudge them. Don't get me wrong, we hate corruption and depravity but if they're consequence of the actions of our vey own, they're tolerable.


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