Monday, September 19, 2005


It's emblematic of my eternal optimism that i chose, for this post, the title Charlotte, instead of bad Charlotte. The later would have connoted incorrigibility for the Punk band Good Charlotte, but they're yet to cross the rubicon.

The name Good Charlotte conjures up fond memories of the band that only recently release hit songs such as "Lifestyles of the rich and the famous", "Hold on", and "Predictable"; the band that was to take over the mantel of punk from Blink 182. A band whose credibility was advanced by the approval of none other than Blink 182's very own Mark!
But what a difference a year makes: The band moved swiftly from berating self involved brats(Lifestyles), to whining about how hard it is to be rich and famous(I just wanna live). Any lingering doubts as to their transition were dispelled by the news that my formerly beloved Joel Madden was dating Hillary "wholesome all American girl" Duff. To date a goody two shoes would have been bad enough but that is hardly the worst of it. He went around pronouncing hyperboles like "she's the greatest singer today,". While she went on a mission to get her fans' approval of the relationship by relentlessly mentioning what a good boyfriend he is! (If "good and wholesome" American disapproved of that child, am sure we'd witness instantaneous internal combustion!) Not content with mollifyinf her funs, the little lady set about winning BF's over as well; at least that's what i thought the "unwholesome" costumes in her "wake up" video were intended for! To help in selling the idea to Joel's funs, the NYTIMES chipped with the assertion "a bit pop, a bit punk". More like "a lotta pop, and no punk". (The Newyork times, ever so objective!) Thus bludgeoned, am ready to submit my approval: Hill and Joel are simply the cutest couple in showbiz.
Now that's settled, anyone want my Good Charlotte collection? I must now set about reconciling with Simple Plan. Guys, "No pads, no helmets, just balls" is brilliant, as is "Simple Plan". I was blind; i'll be yours forever if you'll have me.
All's not lost for GC though. Listen up GC, It's a thin line between pursuing happiness, and flat out self compromise; and if you keep going at this rate, you'll see it in the rear view mirror. But you can still turn things around: Ditch the girl for starters, look for a hardcore chick - Avril and Pink are spoken for, but fifi's still available. Never mind if she may have a boyfriend, get in there and win her over; you can manage that can't you? Write me for steps 3,4,and 5 when your done with one and two. Otherwise you're dead to me,Joel Madden!


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