Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wicked Woman

A new survey by a reputed magazine shows that Angelina Jolie is the principal cause of moral decay and sexual perversion amongst young women. Not content with fantasizing about men, young women are spreading a wider net; and who's to blame? Why, angelina Jolie ofcourse! A survey by playboy found that 57 percent of college girls would get it on with Jolie. She even beat out sex-symbol superstar, Brad Pitt, who only inspired 54 percent women polled to cheat on their boyfriends.
That woman, with her epic breasts, pouty lips, and infinitely long legs...*frown, and shaking of the head in disapproval.
Ofcourse the movies she makes exacerbate the problem. The movie Gia - which i insist on never having watched - for instance, is a case in point. Women are wicked, they ought to be covered up from head to toe, and Angelina is the worst of them: She perverted young boys, and now it's our young women.


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