Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Eighteen Years, Eighteen years ...... At last

If the title rings a bell, you're an avid music fun: To celebrate England's Ashes win i felt it apt to borrow lyrics from Kanye West's "Gold Digger" and Etta James' "At Last". For after 18 years, my "boys" have at last developed a spin strong enough to stand against the Aussies. Me thinks i may have talent enough of make a go of it as mash up specialist. No? You think not?! Ah well, it was just a thought! But i digress.
What a great day it was English cricket, and for England - The country deserved it. However in keeping with the pattern of the series, it was touch and go throughout the day but bad light and Kevin "formerly a SouthAfrican" Pietersen came to the rescue. I cannot convey the anxiety that assailed my constitution throughout the day. At a point i found it prudent to resign to the possibility of an Aussie win. I consoled myself with the thought that a series draw against the indomitable Aussies was quite an achievement. But that was cold comfort: the dream was so much within grasp that a series draw would have wrought despair. Therefore, i hereby thank those of you who variously invoked the rain and light gods; and the SouthAfrican government whose policies compelled Kevin to change citizenship in the hope to forging an international career.

While on the subject of sports men who change nationality to advance careers, i must make special mention of the Kenyan system, which has facilitated the loss of high class runners to countries like Bahrain... Weep not SouthAfrica, you've got nothing on Kenya; and, atleast your reasons are substantial.
Still on the subject of apostacy, special mention must also be made of John Holden, American-born CSKA Moscow basketball player, who has adopted Russian citizenship in order to play for Russia. Thank you Joh for striking a blow for Russia: I always thought The Hunt for Red October called for a retort. Okay, so it may have been fictitious and all but the Russians couldn't have been indifferent. Furthermore, the fact that the story was fictitious makes Holden's defection sweeter revenge because it actually happened.
Peace out


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