Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just read an email from my fav person in the world, so i'm feeling pretty normal and rearing to do the things that normal people do, like blogging, reading chelsea fc fansites - boy, do i love being a chelsea fan; Chelsea fans fucking rock! - .....
In spite this good vibe, i can't help but contemplate why my fav person in the world is such a calming and happifying influence. Why do i suddenly feel like Dorothy - peering behind the curtain at the Wizard. There's a Luganda saying about that sort of thing - i can't actually quote it seeing how my grasp of the Lunguage is only slightly better than my French, but it loosely translated it means that understanding is the antidote to enchantment. Which reminds of something i've been thinking of lately - marriage. It's the antidote to Romance, isn't it? When people are in love, they want to be together all the time, so they decide to get married. When they marry, they get their wish but then the spark dims. Then either they try to get some salvage value out of the enterprise or give in to the deterioration.
You're probably wondering why i've been thinking about marriage. No, i'm not getting married; even though i did propose to Morgan today: Morgan is my contact at our ISP. I told him i'd marry him tomorrow if he sorted out our problem - and boy did that work, 5 minutes and i was already seeing results! Don't judge me for charming people into doing what i want - i'm a Libra, i can't help myself.
Speaking of Morgan, maybe i should call him - he is pretty fly, and he likes me. Well let's see how long i can keep the misanthrope at bay. I like myself, obviously, but the lil socialite in me sometimes feels a little suffocated, and feels the need to assert herself. Strange how happy i am right now, is it the net, Soni's email? I can't quite figure it out! There's shit going on that should have me pissed, but here - locked away in the small airless, filthy room i call my office - i can confidently say, i have no complaints. Maybe, like Bill Clinton, i'm learning to compartmentalise stuff! While this blessed state is fantastic, it's also a little frightening - shit now i have something to lose!!
Where was i? Ah yes, marriage. I've been thinking about it because a few people i know are taking the plunge. Why, i wonder isn't it enough to love someone, and trust that it's enough of a commitment. Why marriage?!!
But enough of that, but to the real issue of this post: why does my fav person make me feel normal. My immeduiate thought is that because she's normal. But it could also be that she's not normal. Maybe it's a case of "The Others"! Gosh, i loved that movie!!


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