Thursday, May 18, 2006

Talking Music

So see you when you’re forty,Lost and all alone,Being comforted by strangers,YOU'LL never need to know,Not sad because you lost me,But sad because you thought it was cool,To be sad...

Having developed a successful formula for controlled nuclear fussion, figured out a function that can be used to predict the price of oil to the 6th significant figure, and found a way to influence the champions' league and FA cup draw in chelsea's favor; I've devoted some time to drawing up a list of the top ten all time breakup songs; temper "all time" with the fact that i was made in the eighties, was a puritan until age 18, and [insert relevant qualification]; and we'll be on the same wave length. So far i've considered only one song: See you when you're forty(see excerpt of lyrics above) by Dido who has also given us such memorable songs as: Take my hand, My Lover's gone, Mary is in India, Don't think of me, Here with me, This land is mine, Do You Have A Little Time..... Docu drama or short film anybody!
Arty title aside, See you when you're fourty is a profound song, a great song. Save for the whole waiting thing. 40, 40! Why can't it be 25 or 30 for crying out loud! Awaiting vindication is delaying hope, the toll that takes is akin to serving time - as far as i can imagine it anyway. The magnimous will say: let it go, the best revenge is to live well. Magnanimity, vengence - chew on that! Well i like vindication, in fact i prefer vengence: When somebody is a bitch, they should be struck by lightening(Hello Amadiora, where art thou?), or the ground below them should open up; the sooner the better.
But reality is not so kind, especially not to me - oh why does it always rain on me? (Travis, thank you for the music.) So i'm always happy to see people get their comeupence immediately, or within a period of six months as was the case recently with a certain, ah, government, which rebuffed appeals to cease and prevent attacks on its neighbour. Threats of economic sanctions were met with defiance, and boasts of aid from hommies from the Arab world. All of which points to one thing: the Hamas leadership's lack of experience in the game of love. No playa in their right mind gives up a sure thing for vague prospects! It would appear that, the hommies are not partial to putting their money where their mouths . And so reality begins to bite. An unfortunate situation that has not improved despite the support of the Iranian government and the advocacy of Osama bin Laden, whose position, differs from that of Hamas. "What Osama Bin Laden sa(ys)id is his opinion but Hamas has its own positions which are different to the ones expressed by Bin Laden,"
Got that!
Now if only Dido would write a song in line with that cycle of life..... Now for a song that i pick no bone with: Bed Shaped by Keane, who by the way are releasing their second Album this june. The first single "Is it any wonder" is already circulating. Save up your monies kids, it's going to be good, or really disappointing. That really clears it up, doesn't it!


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