Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sometimes you can't make it on your own

Yours trulymaking it with the help of Soni aka bestest friend - Thanx dear. I'll post soon: bn busy with the world cup and a boss, whom am sure is trying to kill me. I'll not go down easy, i'll stay up and fight, today i celebrate my independence day!! Yeah, i can do that coz the dude's on leave till next week! I'm done with his project but i bet he'll say, "you can do better, Joy". And i'll say, "sir, yessir!" or maybe i'll finally explode, who knows. Great guy my boss is - can you sense the passive aggression; my ex boyfriend was a good teacher!
Okay guys, i'll post soon. Muffti, wherever you are, i hope you're having a blast!

Ps: I just had a tough workout from watching Beyonce's new video, what boundless energy she has! Have anyone one seen it. I recommend it, watch it without sound - it's hilarity itself. What the hell was she thinking!!


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