Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The trouble with legs

The holy, exalted, anointed council of Iran continues to ban women from contending that it is "un-Islamic for a woman to look at a strange man's legs - even if she didn't take pleasure from it." The only thing wrong wit that assertion is the "even if she didn't take pleasure from it." How can a woman take no pleasure from looking at a man's legs? I present exhibit A:

Oooooooh, Ahhhhhhh, yeah baby! Oop, wrong picture
Better! Where was i? Ah yes, awwww, ahhhm, yeah...

See, the Iranians are onto something! Infact i'd take it further: women hould be banned from ever setting eyes on men period. Women are weak, you see, simple things like a man rolling up his sleeves and fixing his car, or watching a football game on TV can trigger violent fantasies; so to ensure the alvation of their souls, certain sacrifices must be made on their behalf. Now that i think of it, the world cup should be banned altogether: it can't possibly be healthy for men to look at other men's legs either, even if they get no pleasure from it. So i propose that, in the interest of all our salvation, the cancellation of theworld cup finals, which incidentally the blessed elected President of Iran means to attend if his nation's team makes it past the first round. Such faith, awww, how touching!

Enjoy the world cup y'all. Much love


At July 06, 2006 6:54 AM , Anonymous Grand Muffti said...

That is one funny post. Iran is so goofy.


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