Thursday, June 15, 2006


It's a hot, Thursday afternoon, and the England, T&T game is in an hour so it's hardly surprising that i can't seem to focus on the the great world changing work that i should be doing. So I'm cutting myself some slack, and doing something fun - thinking. What am i thinking about you ask! Compliments, expressions of praise, admiration, or congratulation. I have no sympathy for what passes for compliments because most are nothing more than flattery, and the rest forced and unnatural. But that's not to say i haven't received any compliments that delighted me. I present, for your reading pleasure, my 5 all time favourite compliments:

5. You need to see a therapist
4.Don't you ever shut up. (Or as someone more articulate would have said: You don't have to rage against everything that's unfair.)
3.You're bigheaded.(Or as someone else might put it; headstrong)
2. You're hard-hearted.
1. Since i've known you, i've been more assertive. (You're so pushy it's begining to rub off on me.)
1+. My best friend. (Belated happy birthday regards, babe!)

Compliment (1) is the inspiration for this post. My colleague just said that to me - something like it only nebulously.


At June 28, 2006 6:09 AM , Anonymous Muthoni said...

Hey dear girl allow me to add another one of those compliments which are such a dubious pleasure to receive.

-You're so strong! (translation- i have treated you like crap and you just keep coming back for more!)

At June 28, 2006 10:11 AM , Blogger jinan said...

Gosh, you're so smart: that's a spot on translation! I get traumatized just understanding what you mean; but we never change do we? Maybe it just takes a lifetime to learn enough to change but then you die! What a wonderful world!


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