Saturday, October 29, 2005

Honest Questions

Before i get started, i must say that the relation between the title and the subject of this post in any way reflective of a talent for subtlety or lack there of. It's my tribute to Daniel Bedingfield's splendid song "Honest Questions", which two years ago eased me through a rough patch.
It's 1 am and exhausted by the exercise in futility that is counting sheep in a desperate bid to fall asleep, am listening to music and reading my fantastic book of the week. I just listened to Josh Groban’s Starry starry night, which invariably moved me profoundly. The lyrics “I could have told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”, however, struck me with the force of a revelation. In addition to inspiring vicarious sorrow, It got me thinking: How does one know that one’s tribulations are different from the banal troubles that are part of life and are therefore due to the fact that one is too beautiful for the world? And if indeed one is able to make such a distinction, what is the appropriate response? If extraordinariness carries a price so high that it drives one to suicide is it a virtue? If it is to, to whom; the world or to the individual: Is the individual but a channel whose well being is secondary to the responsibility of being a conveyor? If the individual is vessel isn’t he or she important enough to merit special tending? If something is precious, then surely, it should be kept from harm, no?
It's Saturday afternoon, and having had to engage more that auto pilot in order to procure jewellary and books, i noticed, for the first time in a long while, my surroundings. What struck me most was two hommies of Indian or Pakistani descent decked in hiphop and rastafarian panoply. It's offensive that people who do not realise the true significance of such identity claims should usurp them; that people who do not understand brotherhood beyond the bounds of color should adopt such insignia.
I must be going now, clearly this is an issue that requires more thought than i've given it, and i aint got time right now.
Muffti: shalom shabat
Chelsea brotherhood: Arsene Wenger is a hater, we're so gonna win today; he's jinxes won't work!
Have a good weekend y'all.


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