Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kicking me while am down

Life's strange, you take calculated risks, leaps of faith, and cultivate trust. And just when you think the hard work's done, and you're due for a period of smooth sailing, it kicks you in the ass! And while you're down, it kicks you some more. Such is the current state of my life.
For ten years now, i've lived in symbiotic harmony with malarial parasites. At age 14, following a 3 month bout of malaria, i lost faith in modern medicine and decided thenceforth to opt for homeopathic remedies. And so it is that i've lived with a few - enough to keep my immune system alert but not sufficient to cause afflication- parasites in my circulatory system. The parasites in exchange got free shelter, and food. For fourteen years, the situation served both parties well; the perfect symbiotic experience, or so i thought.
As long as the only problem my immune system had was a few parasites, it held up pretty well, and the germs were pacific. But 3 years of unrelenting stress have been more than an even match for my little soldiers. And in my time of vulnerability the germs i have supported for so long have turned on me; and redefined ingratitude and myopia: If i get terribly sick, i'll either die or see a doctor, none of which options are favorable to the little ingrates.


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