Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Random thoughts

Hey y'all, i've been away on a journey of self discovery; which explains the abscence of posts during the past week. Such draughts, while inconvenient to you, are necessary if am to avoid the wide and easy road to bland ville. My journey, which comprised of a roadtrip down the information super highway, manic bouts of reading, and deafening music came to a gratifying culmination last weekend. The atypical nature of this post is testament to the impact of respite on attitudes. But am getting ahead of myself! I've always placed a premium on profound articles at the expense of inappreciable intimate stories. I am learning, however, that expression need not always austere to be substantial; that a mundane story can be very telling: Subject matter needn't be earth shattering to make a difference. But, perhaps, most significant has been the recognition that to disregard the mundane is to be false: Life, after all is ordinary most of the time, and issues are important because of the way they impact on commonplace concerns. My former concepetions of expression are probaby reflective of a desire to escape what seems like an unremarkable existence. But i'll leave psychanalysis to the experts; am rather ill equiped for it! A wise man once said that life does not cease to be funny when someone dies any less than it ceases to be serious when we laugh. Only now have i come to truly appreciate that statement. At any rate, since last week had such a profound impact, i've elected to share highlights of it with you. (And if, after reading this, you're not particularly partial to my improved outlook, worry not: They co-exist quite well with the old ones.)
Friday night was brilliant: I was at work till 9pm. With the the wonderful music of the fantastic Counting Crows, Peotic legacy of the Beats, and all information one could desire at my fingertips, i was comfortable and happy. Perhaps too comfortable, for i was almost locked in the office. A strange way for a young woman to spend a friday night? I think not! I've long cease believing in the possiblity of meeting "my prince" in a club; I did meet one once but he was too akin to the prince in Shrek 2 for my liking: He professed enchantment but could not remember my name after 15 minutes. Furthermore i've lost the illusion that transcendental frame of mind and unhibited dancing to abstract techo tunes may result in a mysterious and spontaneous release of the spirit from the confines of the body. In respect of the desire to show off my body in barely there clothing; there's a phrase that fits my attitude: Been there done that; moving along then!! So i went home, and read for three hours before going to sleep.
I spent the weekend reading or sleeping, and somehow found the time to prepare a meal, do my laundry, and clean house. Those pesky diversions make me think longingly of the hunting and gathering phase of human evolution; however will i make any appreciable dent in my ever growing list of books to read if i must constantly tend to banal activities!! But then our hunting/gathering ancestors didn't have books at their disposal. Perhaps i'll have to put up with cooking my food as a necessary evil:-).
On Sunday night i listened to highlights of the Glastonbury festival on the BBC. It was a bitter sweet experience: Alongside the delight of listening to some of my favourite rock acts- Coldplay, The Killers, The white Stripes..- perform live was the strong countercurrent of sorrow at not being able to be there in person. The high point of the broadcast was coldplay's rendition of Kylie Minogue's "Can't get you out of my head". A poignant homage to Kylie who was originally slated to appear at Glastonbury but was unable to due to her illness. The moment captured why, despite the hype, i love Coldplay as well as i did when i first heard their music back in the year 2000: They embody the best of our flawed nature; genuine compassion, consideration and empathy. I almost cried at the beauty of the gesture. Inspite of the spirit of the moment, i was struck by how moving their rendition was: it thew the sentiment of Kylie's love sick schoolgirl original into stark relief. (No offense to love sick schoolgirls). Alios y'all, i'll write again before the full moon resurfaces; just kidding! I'll write before the week is out; definitely maybe;-)!!


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