Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It's been a difficult couple of weeks; i've fallen and gotten so many times that if i have to get up one more time, i'll strike and stay down; and the world will just have to go on without me. And what a catastrophe that would be!! With such lovely thoughts filling my mind lately, it's hardly surprising everything looks so "peachy" or should i say "jack fruity" - Yes, there is a fruit called Jack fruit, it's equatorial. If you've not tried it, you don't know what you're missing - so you can continue in your blissful ignorance.
Anyway, where was i! Yes, my troubles: Even the fullfillment of my hopes causes problems. Case in point: i'm dating a guy who is so awesome, that i consider myself to be the luckiest girl on the planet. But i'm wracked with anxiety most of the time, to the extent that I fear my little mind will implode from the deluge of questions, which increase exponentially by the second, in it: will he call, won't he, when will he call, what do i want, how will it work .... Of course i could simply let things go as they will, but then what would i do with myself, relax? I don't think so!
But even i these hard times, there are good moments, moments such as this, that leave my mind blank for a second, after which i begin to wonder, was it luck or sublime skill that made that possible. That leads my to watch the clip about a million times over, analysing the move again and again and ... And in the end i'm still not quite sure if it was skill or not! And the magic is lost because i tried to look behind the curtain! Damn!!

But there more good moments, such as this morning when the bajaji driver asked his customer to board another bajaji so that he could serve me instead. The miffed customer asked him how much i paid him to deserve such preferential treatment. And the bajaji man politely responded, "It's not about the money."


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