Friday, September 22, 2006

London Town

I am an African, i wallow, complain, and defer blame; and therefore i am - an African, silly! Yesterday while listening to Savage Garden's Crush and burn, the lyrics, "You can crush and burn, you're not alone." jumped out at me. I got to thinking about the one person i know will have my back if crushed; my best friend. The very same one that has gone off to London town and abandoned me. Yes, abandoned me, left me alone, forsaken me, with Akon's "Lonely" as my only solace. For those of you who have haven't heard the song, listening to has a similar effect, on the nerves, to the sound of nails scraping a blackboard. So you can imagine how i'm doing. Anyway, i got to thinking: I need someone to blame. So who's to blame? ...... Got to go, it's a Friday evening; i have to enjoy the days of my you - "have to" being operative here! Would explain further but there a young man here, bugging me; and if i don't walk quietly away, i just might wring his neck. Peace out y'all.


At October 10, 2006 12:14 AM , Anonymous Grand Muffti said...

You can blame Muffti if you want. He didn't abandon you - just been on brief hiatus. Glad the site is up and running!

At November 04, 2006 11:11 AM , Blogger jinan said...

Thanks, dear. Welcome back, you have been missed. Maybe i will take a haitus too.


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