Wednesday, May 25, 2005

crumbs from their tables

Lately am having a torrid time coping with the reality of life. The reality that people are deliberatley unkind, cruel even, that friends are rare. Humanity,which i always took for granted,seems dated. It's as if the world changed over night,and am night equal to the new challenge. What are we here for if not to make life easier for each other? People are so paralyzed by fear that they don't want to get involved in anything, or they are too busy to genuinely are about anything. We make perfunctory gestures that are so hollow that it'd be best if we did nothing at all. We are so may and yet so alone. Hurt is not a reason to never care again. As Bertrand Russel put is,it's said that man is a rational creature but am still awaiting proof of it. Many people are enslaved to knee jerk reactions,very few think things through before responding. It's a pity really. Look what we've become; lonely, despondent, suicidal, angry, dependent on psychologists!!


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